2 facilities spanning 130 hectares

We owe some of our reputation to our 2 proving grounds. Located just 12 miles from each other, each of these world-class testing facilities have a different focus and yet they complete each other.

La Valbonne was designed to test vehicles for endurance, reliability and performance, and has lots of obstacles and tracks.

Les Fromentaux is a high-tech proving grounds to develop the urban mobility of tomorrow. Featuring several areas, vehicles and infrastructures are tested every day. Replete with equipment and technologies, Transpolis is headquartered on this site.

Les Fromentaux

Fully connected environment for the mobility of the future.

620 route des Fromentaux
01500 Saint Maurice-de-Rémens

La Valbonne

All-round proving grounds for endurance, reliability and performance tests.

3148 route du Dauphiné –  Chânes
01360 Béligneux