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Virtual testing puts manufacturers very much on the front foot in their quest for performance and the optimisation of their products.


15 years experience

Transpolis meets customer requirements with 3D simulation expertise based on EN16303 / TR16303 simulation standards.

3D simulations can be used in a number of ways:

Basic assessments:

Developing new systems:
- Assess the robustness of components and parts.
- Assess customer design.
- Provide development assistance.
- Verify the overall performance of the product.
- Analyse results.
- Give salient advice.

From 3D simulation to crash test:

For best results, Transpolis recommends 3D simulation services to support its customers on reaching product-development milestones. Thanks to simulations done prior to crash-testing, our customers can relax in the knowledge that the crash tests will run smoothly, and that the goals will be attained.

After crash test:

Post crash-testing, the simulation results are correlated with the crash-test results: we can computer-simulate the exact behaviour of the system. Once the correlation has been completed, you can:
- Optimise the system: reduce manufacturing cost, runs tests for other levels of containment, make technical improvements.
- Be compliant with standards that require simulation: B and C type transition as per NF058, assess the consequences of slight modifications made, in agreement with the certification body.

3D simulation
Transpolis real crash test
Crash simulation
Crash test


3D vehicles available

From 900kg to 38 tons

Light vehicles
Heavy vehicles


Development assistance & parametric studies

Our experts carry out in-depth optimisation studies and parametric analyses to ensure that the solutions we suggest are truly robust.

high flexibility

Everything is possible

Transpolis offers 3D simulation services for any atypical project. We adapt vehicles, scenarios and dimensional structures to create dynamic or static calculations.