Autonomous vehicles tracks

The French Society of Automotive Engineers (SIA) releases a complete bimonthly review which is a very instructive technologic monitoring. 

In the December 2020 edition, n°868, Transpolis was mentioned in two articles, one is an interview of Anne-Marie Idrac, High representative in charge of the French strategy for the development of autonomous vehicles. 

De l’anneau de vitesse aux pistes pour voitures autonomes, by Yvonnick Gazeau, page 14-16. Translation: From speed ring to autonomous vehicle tracks. 

The reporter gives historical framework of the mythic speed rings in the US and in Europe which were welcoming the first automotive races. Almost a century after, speed rings are still existing but they’re part of proving grounds, essential tools for automotive research & development. 


Today, a proving ground stands out with its tracks dedicated to autonomous vehicles. Transpolis is the unique test center for connected and automated mobility of tomorrow. In our proving ground, there is a true city with its ring road, its buildings, traffic lights, and every facilities to test in real conditions. 

Comment nous mettons en place un cadre sûr et économiquement viable pour les usages de la voiture autonome”, by Bertrand Gay, page20-23. Translation : How we act for a safe and economically viable framework for the uses of the autonomous car. 

Focus on autonomous vehicles, this is an interview of Anne-Marie Idrac, former Minister and high representative in charge of the French strategy for the development of autonomous vehicles.

We can read highlights of the achievements since 2015 such as the progress of ADAS and the creation of the Ena project. 

The former Minister mentions Transpolis for its testing activities: ADAS testing according EuroNCAP protocols, and autonomous and connected vehicle testing with collaborative projects. Transpolis is one of the companies which are associate to every works and their services answer to customers’ needs. 

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